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Furnishd is a business idea that has come alive over the last 6 months, however, this is a personal dream from our owner that has simmered for the last 6 years, and from that we have Furnishd, with the sole goal of providing you (the customer) a product that would "make your house proud, whilst keeping your wallet happy". 
With that in mind we have spent the last 12 months speaking with suppliers who can help us fulfil this promise, and this is how we came to be. 

Over the last few years we have seen a shift of the consumer market from the 'High-St' to the 'WWW' we at Furnishd are one of the new breeds of company that realised to keep ourselves competitive with other retailers we need to be different.

So, here at Furnishd we decided rather than add extra costs that come with having physical stores we would be an online only presence, however, I can assure you (the customer) that this does not diminish the quality of goods or your right as a consumer.

We have vetted our suppliers and only use those who keep to our aims, of providing VERY high quality goods at decent prices, but also to do our bit for the planet all suppliers must also subscribe to our standards, which is why all suppliers must be FSC Certified (, this means that the only wood used is from sustainable and managed forests. (see our additional posts on FSC and their work)

When you order from us, we will work our hardest to ensure you get a top quality piece(s) of furniture that will give you years of solid use. Whilst we are working solidly to ensure our suppliers are providing top quality items you can be sure that you will always receive top quality service from furnishd regardless.

If you require any further information then please feel free to contact us, using the online form and we will always do our best to respond within 24 hours.

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