The bedroom, does this room really need an introduction, well might as well start with the start, that on average you will spend over 1/3rd of your life in your bedroom.

So whether your an early bird who likes to watch TV,  curl up on a cold dark night to read a book, or simply cuddling up with the other half or the children , the bedroom should always have a feel of coziness and calmness about it.

How you decorate the living room will clearly have an impact on how its Furnishd, so choosing the right furniture is important to the general feel of the house.

The Choices

If you have a small space then consider a double bed at most as this will be the major piece of the furniture in the room. The look at our over the bed cupboards and wardrobes this will maximise any room you have the room, but always try and consider lighter furniture as this will give the room the impression of being larger, and a mirror on the wall facing the window or door will give the impression of a larger bedroom. 

With a large living area, then you should consider a queen or king sized bed, then look at  our  matching storage units, from wardrobes to Storage Boxes.

You could then consider a nice large dressing table with a stunning mirror for getting ready for that night out,Finally a couple of bedside cabinets to hold any of your smaller things like alarm clocks.

It may also be worth considering slightly darker furniture, within the larger space as this gives the impression the room is that little more intimate, so shopping for products with a dark finish to finish of that intimate looking room.

Bedroom Furniture

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