Almost ready for full launch

Monday, 15 July 2019  |  Admin

So, with all the work we have been putting in behind the scenes the one that might seem the easiest, but actually has involved a lot of head scratching, is the Furnishd logo.

So today we finally signed of our logo and we hope you like it, so on the header of each page you will see the main logo, a nice simple design, this we believe encompasses our furniture, nice and simple but quality looking.

We also have other styles of logo depending on the situation, so if you head over to our Facebook page you will see we have a stunning header for the page that has a stunning image in the background We are loving our new logo and we now get that one step closer to our big opening.

So, its full steam ahead for the 1st August 2019, so please keep popping back, as I’m sure we will have a few opening offers and sales. 

As you can see below this are the choices of the styles that you will see in the coming months and years as we grow. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or queries below even let us know which one is your favourite.



Furnishd Logo
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