its not all glamorous building a website.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019  |  Admin

So as we get closer to a full release, it is only now you start release what hasn't been completed.

When you go to a website to buy something all you see is the end product, so the pretty picture , the explanation of the item your interested in and (in most cases) the lovely designs that have been put together.

However, getting a website to that place has taken 100s or 1000s of hours of work from either a single person (like us at Furnishd) or a team of people or even whole companies for some of the big shops / supermarkets .

So what brings people most of the times to online stores is generally first found via 'Google',  'Bing' or another 'search engine' and then clicked from there.

Now, to just get your website seen on these search-engines takes hours of research and testing and this is the position that we currently find ourselves in, we are currently researching and creating what is known as keywords, now this is a big list of things that we want people to look for and find us.

If you think about what bought you here, if you used a search engine, then that world or term would have been something that we have researched and found that people will click to go to visit the website. Of course its not as simple as that, with the obvious thing being keywords have be relevant to what your looking for.

How useless would it have been if you had 'googled' "Red Ford Fiesta" and it then shows this website at the top of Google, you would click that link thinking your going to see new and used cars, but instead find furniture , you would be pretty cheesed off i would reckon. But, this also would affect us, because each time you visit a website from Google it might cost the shop money to visit it, and that would be no good for any business to pay for visitors who aren't looking for the products they are selling. 

But also we have think about what Google wants, so when we put our keywords into Google we have to ensure that they are relevant. So if your 1 of the 1000s of people who searched for "Dining Tables" and found yourself here, then this is clearly the keywords working, and because of this Google will give us at furnishd a nice Gold star which will also help us as it shows that we have good understanding of what they and you the customer want.

So this is just some of the work we have been doing this week, but please if you find this interesting then pop back at the end of week and we will have our latest blog about what we have been doing for the rest of the week.

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