The Living Room, as the name suggests, this is where most of us spend most of our waking time in the house. 

Whether watching TV, Reading a book, or simply cuddling up on the sofa , the living room should always have a feel of family about it.

The choice of your Living Room Set can be decided primarily by how you have decorated your living room.

This will have an impact on how its furnished, so choosing the right furniture is important to the general feel of the house, However, thats not to say we dont have a style of Cupboard, 2 or 3 piece suits or Display cabinets that wont fit into any style that you wish.

The Choices

If you have a small space then consider one of our 2.5 seater sofa's that allow enough room for you to snuggle up with a good book or the love of your life (animal or human :) ) , this will give you a bit more space than a full size sofa which can be filled in with a table.

But, consider lighter furniture that gives the room the impression of being larger, and a large mirror on the wall facing the window or door will give the impression of a much larger living area. 

With a large living area, then you should consider a full sofa or even a Chaiselongue for that extra comfort, then a matching chair to complete the seating. The remaining furniture would be items such as Bookcases to showcase them novels, a stunning Coffee table or  nest of tables for them hot chocolates on colds night then finish off with a stunning Television cabinet that can be covered  the family photographs to surround the Television surrounding the TV.

As with the dining room it might also be worth considering slightly darker furniture, within the larger space as this gives the impression the room is that little more intimate, so shopping for products with a dark finish to finish of that intimate looking room.

Living Room Furniture

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