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Price Promise

We have always tried to source our products from companies who like us want to guarantee good quality items but a low price that wont leave you the customer our of pocket.

So with that in mind we will do our best to price match (or even beat) any competitor who has the identical item on sale on their website.

How to claim our Price Match

We do ask you to check a few things first to make sure that we can match or beat the price.

 The Two items are identical - Check the SKU, if your not sure feel free to email us.

 The item is brand new, boxed and not considered an end of line / discontinued or closing retailer.

 The price includes VAT, Delivery on a same time frame as us, and any other additional charges like modifications made or different delivery method.

 The retailer is a UK based one.

What to do next

Simply copy the link to the product on our competitors website and ours then email with these links, we will then review the product and provide a code that will allow you to purchase at the matched price.

We will also include another voucher for a future purchase that can be used on our website for more bargains.

In the case that we cannot match the competitors price, we will send a voucher as a compensation that will allow you to purchase another item on our website below our RRP



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